Leasing Services

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We are the only real estate company operating in the Point Cook area with two offices in high traffic areas. Our office located in the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre focuses on providing real estate services exclusively within Sanctuary Lakes/Saltwater Coast whilst our Point Cook office located at the Wyndham Property Centre provides real estate services to the broader Point Cook area and adjoining suburbs of Truganina/Williams Landing/Tarneit/Wyndham Vale. We are available at all times to provide service to our landlords, tenants and prospective tenants. Our Property Management department is dedicated to providing a level of service that is second to none and offers a positive real estate experience for landlords and tenants alike.

Professional and Personal Service

Appointing a managing agent can sometimes be a daunting experience. The level of service varies between agents and many landlords find it difficult to decide which agent best meets their requirements. As our office is dedicated solely to providing real estate services within the Wyndham Region our portfolio of properties covers a relatively small geographical area. This is a real advantage to our landlords and tenants as we are easily accessible and able to provide a superior level of service which is focused on ‘working for our landlords’.

At Point Cook Real Estate we understand the imperative requirements of a well-managed property asset. We recognize your need to:

Have quality tenants in your property... quickly

Achieve an adequate return

Maintain the property to the highest standard

Maximise the capital growth potential, and

Be kept informed of changes in legislation, market trends and other issues that may affect your asset.


Our Property Management service is geared to achieving each of these “needs” and to undertake this while offering you a professional and personal service.

Please consider the following benefits of appointing Point Cook Real Estate to undertake the leasing and management of your property.

1.         A Specialised Service – Our Property Management Department focuses on Point Cook and adjoining areas. Our knowledge of the area and ‘on the spot’ location allows us to “tune in” to both landlord and tenant requirements.

2.         Comprehensive Management – Our office is open six days a week 9.00 am to 6.00 pm weekdays and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturdays. A mobile phone is manned by one of our Property Managers on a rotational basis so that tenants can report urgent repairs or seek assistance after hours and on Sundays/Public Holidays.

3.         A Personal and Professional Approach – Our aim is to provide a professional service to both our landlords and our tenants. We believe that a Property Manager who has a genuine interest in caring for your property and its occupants will better maintain your property.

4.         Detailed Knowledge of all Relevant Legislation – The laws relating to the leasing and management of residential property in Victoria are quite complex and, unless care is taken, a Landlord can find management of their property a “minefield”.  We ensure legislation is followed and that our Landlords are not penalised for any breach of the Act. Our staff are encouraged to regularly participate in professional development courses allowing them to stay up to date with the Residential Tenancies Act as it changes and further develop their knowledge and skills of managing residential property.

5.       Advertising, Promotion and the Internet – Rental lists with photographs and comprehensive descriptions of properties are available from our office in the busy location of Sneydes Road as well as from our office in the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre. Practically everybody in the area passes by one of our offices at some stage during the week. Our window displays at both offices include a LCD screen dedicated to property management with continual rolling images of available rental properties plus Touchscreens providing 24/7 display.

Our web site – www.pcre.com.au - is an informative and interactive medium for generating enquiries. In addition, your property is linked from our web site to major property portals including www.domain.com.au, www.realestate.com.au and www.realestateview.com.au.

In addition we send daily email and SMS alerts advising of newly listed properties and open for inspection times to our database of prospective tenants who are actively looking for a rental property. We regularly receive complimentary feedback from tenants who appreciate this service.

6.       Viewing Properties – Many companies including one or two local agents allow for prospective tenants to collect keys from the office when a small deposit (usually $50-) and photo identification are provided. It is our company policy to never hand keys over to a prospective tenant. We assure you that we will personally show all prospective tenants through your property. We strongly believe that this procedure is part of our obligations to a landlord and gives us the ability to “sell” your property and at the same time “scrutinize” prospective tenants.

We have structured our rental department to include a Leasing Manager and three Assistants whose primary task is to show prospective tenants through properties. This initiative enables us to show a greater number of prospective tenants through more properties and as a result properties are leasing more quickly. Our locations at the Property Centre and Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre generate a significant number of ‘walk in’ enquiries every day and we are able to easily accommodate spontaneous inspections. No other local agent can match this service.

7.         Relocation Network – We have close ties with The Relocation Network and regularly inform relocation companies of properties that may be suitable to their clients’ needs. Many of Melbourne’s leading relocation companies enlist our professional services when looking for a property for their executive clients.

8.       Careful Tenant Selection – All potential tenancy applications are thoroughly checked. We call all referees, confirm employment details and past rental history. In addition we subscribe to the National Tenancy Database, which provides a risk assessment and tenancy screening service. We conduct this check as the final step once a landlord has approved an application just to ensure that there are no ‘black marks’ or poor rental/credit history. Failure to do so can jeopardize a landlord’s insurance claim in the event of a tenant defaulting. We require all adult tenants to be on the lease to ensure that all parties have a good tenancy history – in a number of cases there have been instances of one party with a poor record which a NTD check has revealed.

When more than one prospective tenant applies for a property we thoroughly screen all applicants and then discuss our findings with you so you can make an informed decision. We will always be honest with the information we provide and will make recommendations regarding an applicant’s suitability. Ultimately, however, the final decision is yours to make.

9.         Tenancy Agreements – All tenancy agreements are secured by a lease, which is in the prescribed format. Once signed by all parties the lease becomes a legal document to which all parties adhere for the duration of the lease term. Our leases contain numerous additional clauses which strengthen the tenancy agreement, for example “No Smoking” within the premises, Direct Debit payment of rent, gardening maintenance, penalties for break lease.

10.       Condition Reports – A condition report reflects the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and is a mandatory requirement under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. We take the time and effort to complete a detailed and accurate report on the condition of the property which includes the use of colour photographs in support of the written report. It is vital that a condition report is accurate, as this becomes the benchmark (allowing for fair wear and tear) for how the tenant must leave the property on vacating.

11.       Routine Inspections – At the commencement of the tenancy we advise the tenant of our intention to visit the property after three months initially and six monthly thereafter to conduct a routine inspection in accordance with the Act.

After each inspection you will receive a detailed written report informing you of any maintenance required, how the property is being maintained and any future work that you may need to consider. If you wish to be present at a routine inspection please advise your portfolio manager accordingly. Please note that inspections take place Monday to Friday during normal working hours and are not conducted after hours or on weekends.

12.       Rent Payment Procedures – Rental payments are paid in advance and are due each month on the date the tenancy commenced, unless otherwise agreed to. For example, if a lease commences on the 1st May, subsequent rental payments are due on the 1st of each month. We have a strict rental arrears procedure commencing with a SMS/call immediately we are notified that a tenant’s Direct Debit has dishonoured. We will debit their account again and if unsuccessful we request that they pay rent via eft or in cash to our office. If rent remains unpaid and the tenant has fallen 15 days into arrears a Notice to Vacate is served and an application made to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a hearing and a possession order. Should your tenant fall into arrears we will make contact with you and inform you of the steps we have taken to recover payment.

You can elect for your rental payment to be sent by cheque or we can directly deposit the amount into your nominated bank account. With either option we will email your statement and copies of invoices paid on your behalf or mail to your nominated mailing address.

13.       Disbursement of Funds - Landlords need to allow a minimum of seven days from the rent due date for funds to be disbursed.

All tenants entering a lease agreement with our company pay rent via Direct Debit and this method of payment is a condition of their lease. Tenants sign a form allowing us to debit funds from their account three clear business days prior to the date their rent is due so that required funds are in our Rent Trust Account on their due date. A further three clear business days are required to ensure funds are cleared - this is a banking issue and until funds are cleared we cannot disburse to landlords. It can be another three or four days, allowing for weekends/public holidays, before funds show up in a landlord’s bank account.

Example – Rent is debited into our Trust Account on Wednesday 1st May. Allow three business days – Thur/Fri/Mon – for clearance, payout to landlords is done Mon/Wed/Fri so next payout day would be Wednesday, 8th May for receipt into landlord’s account on Thursday 9th May.

An exception to the above timeframe is when rent is paid in cash. Please note we only accept cash when a tenant is in arrears.

We recommend accounts are set up with a ‘buffer’ as a precaution against delayed receipt of rent or reduced funds because of payments we may have made on a landlord’s behalf (eg rates, body corporate fees, insurance etc.). This is prudent financial management and ensures peace of mind in such an eventuality.

15.       Maintenance Procedures – Where non-urgent repairs or maintenance are required we will advise you and seek your approval prior to authorising any work to be carried out. You may authorise us to take care of minor items without reference to you. In the case of urgent repairs, we will first try to contact you and, if unsuccessful, your nominated emergency contact. Under the Residential Tenancies Act urgent repairs require us to attend to the problem within 24 hours of the tenant reporting it to our office. If we are unable to contact you we will authorise work to take place on your behalf. Should you provide us with details of your preferred tradespeople we will authorise them to undertake the work, otherwise we will instruct one of our own regular tradespeople to attend.

16. Smoke Detector MaintenanceIt is a landlord’s responsibility and legal obligation to have smoke alarms installed and maintained.

We outsource annual smoke alarm servicing to Detector Inspector Pty Ltd who will ensure that all smoke alarms are installed correctly, are within their working life and in operational order. The annual fee of $90.00 + gst can help to prevent damage to your property, serious injury to your tenant and a hefty insurance claim. We believe Detector Inspector’s all-inclusive package is worthwhile particularly as many properties are approaching the ten year mandatory replacement of smoke detectors. This is also the cheaper option when smoke detectors are faulty – we will not have to engage the services of electricians to carry out repairs at much higher call out/labour charges.

The attached information from Detector Inspector comprehensively explains the benefits of using this service.

Please note that your agreement to this service and instruction to your managing agent to arrange for the appropriate contractor to carry out regular maintenance service of smoke alarms is provided for in Level of Service page 7 of the Management Authority.


17.       Keys We require all keys to the property (external doors, window locks, garage, letterbox, garden shed) to be supplied in triplicate. Two garage remote controls are required. Our key policy provides for photographic record of keys/remotes provided by the landlord and issued to the tenant.


18.       Landlord Insurance – Building and Landlord Insurance Policies which include Public Liability Insurance are mandatory and are specifically designed to provide cover for buildings and contents, theft or malicious damage by tenants and loss of rent. Enclosed are brochures regarding insurance options offered by Terri Sheer Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, EBM and others – we strongly recommend landlord insurance offered by specialist landlord insurers because of the superior level of protection and low policy excess.

Under the terms of our Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy we are required to sight and retain on file a current copy of insurance policies relating to properties under our management. Please note we require copies of Certificates of Currency before we can take on the leasing and management of your property and a copy of Renewal Certificates are to be provided for the duration of the management agreement.

Thank you for allowing us to introduce the range of services we offer at Point Cook Real Estate and for taking the time to read through our Landlord Information. We are dedicated to the Point Cook area and are proud of our Property Management expertise.