Jordan Andreatta


Sales Consultant

With a strong and diverse work and sporting history Jordan has acquired a unique mindset and the will to get any job done to the best of his ability. Being reliable, knowledgeable and goal driven aids in completing tasks to achieve the best outcome possible.

With a background in construction and a high level of sporting events, Jordan has become a passionate real estate agent with the eye for detail and a strong sense of negotiation skills. Real estate has not only become a job but a life style that he continues to thrive and grow in, delivering nothing but the best service for his client’s day in, day out.

Although Jordan is youthful, it is an underestimated standout attribute enabling him to pursue projects to the best of his ability, giving everything a 100% as he has the time, persistence and obligation to succeed.

Jordan is always looking for ways to gain knowledge and learn in this ever growing community, with time on his hands he is keen to make lasting relationships on the back of his attributes and honesty.